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NEW this year!!  
As a trial, we will be using the bigger plate (21") for this tournament.  Feedback will be requested from all participating teams and will be shared with Baseball Ontario.

OBA Mosquito Sanctioned Tournament Rules 

Tournament Headquarters will be located at:
Gerry Ginn Memorial Park (Holmesville), 37471 Huron Rd, Hwy #8, Clinton ON N0M 1L0

Convenor & Contact Information:
[email protected]   

Brad Thompson            519-482-8602    Convenor


1. In the event of schedule changes you will be notified by email, telephone or by a posting on website. A hard copy will be available at the tournament headquarters. A mobile phone contact from each team is required a minimum of 2 days before the tournament start.

2. Payment of the entry fee will apply as an appearance bond and will not be refunded.

3. A team roster approved by the Baseball Ontario Affiliate Registrar prior to July 1 or the OBA after July 1 must be available in the event player eligibility is questioned. A team’s roster number must be provided to the Tournament Convenor prior to teams taking the field. If a team is using call-ups then the coach must have a copy of the call-up team’s roster with him.

4. Tournament awards are set at 15 per team.

Sanctioned Tournament Rules:

1. Only the Official Baseball Rules and the Playing Rules of Baseball Ontario shall apply except as provide in the following tournament rules. Mosquito specific rules can be found at the following link:

2. All game participants are prohibited from using any tobacco products and must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

3. Managers and coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and anyone involved with the team, both on and off the field. (Ref. OBA P2.4 d), f))

4. Home field will be determined prior to the start of all games (including the Playoff Round) by the flip of a coin 15 minutes before the scheduled start time with the team travelling the farthest making the call in all games.

5. Home team will be the official scorer & pitch count recorder, except where one or both of these are provided by the tournament host. OBA score sheet and line-up cards are to be used. Line-up cards are to include the player’s first and last names, their number and their defensive position. (Ref OBA P2.8 a), b), c))

6. All players must be listed on the batting order and must bat in that order. Players who arrive after the game starts will be added to the bottom of the team’s batting order. (Ref P2.8 b))

7. There will be no pre-game warm up on the infield or on the infield sidelines before any scheduled game. Where bullpens or other areas are available please follow grounds crew instructions.

8. Courtesy runners for the catcher or any other players are prohibited.

9. Games will commence promptly on time as per the schedule. Barring extenuating circumstances, any team unable to field nine (9) eligible players within 15 minutes of the scheduled starting time will default the game.

10. In case of rain and/or other unforeseen delays the tournament schedule and details such as time limits/curfews, may be revised at the Convenor's discretion.

11. Only rule interpretation protests shall be permitted. Protests will be decided by the Tournament Convenor and/or the Tournament Protest Committee whose decision shall be final. A protest fee of $50 cash is required at the time of the protest, this fee is refundable only if the protest is upheld. Only one representative shall be permitted to speak on behalf of the protestor.

12. Discipline, bench restrictions and ejections will reference OBA P2.13. Ejection from any tournament game will result in an automatic one game suspension. Suspensions may be increased at the sole discretion of the Tournament Convenor, depending on the severity of the infraction

13. Pool play or divisional games will be 6 innings in length. No new inning will start after 1 hour and 45 minutes have elapsed from the time of the first pitch of the game however, once started an inning will be completed unless the home team is batting and leading or scores the winning run when curfew is reached. A new inning begins when the last out is made in the previous inning. (Ref OBA P2.7)

14. 7 Innings and NO time limit will apply in the Championship Game only.

15. The umpire (or designate) shall be the official time keeper of the game and shall announce the time of the first pitch to both teams.

16. Official Game: A game shall be official if curfew is reached and the home team is leading after 3 ½ innings or the visitors are leading after 4 complete innings. If a game is suspended after becoming an official game then the score will stand. In the event that the game is suspended prior to curfew and prior to 4 innings being completed then the game shall be resumed from the point of suspension. The defensive team must resume their exact positions on the field. The count, if any, on the batter will be unchanged and the batting order must be the same upon resumption of the suspended game. If the home team is batting and leading or scores the winning run when curfew is reached, the game will end immediately and be considered official at that point and the score and offensive and defensive innings recorded at that time (full innings will be assigned to the offensive and defensive teams).

17. In the event of a tie at the conclusion of regulation play in the Championship Game, and where applicable in any Consolation, Quarter-final or Semi-final games, the game will continue until such time as a winner is determined. The game will continue with complete innings being played.

18. Mercy rule reference OBA P2.7 g)

19. A score of one run per inning will be recorded for a forfeited game and the winning team will be credited with a complete game.

20. Teams are required to retrieve foul balls hit during their games.

Tournament Format:

1. This is a minimum 6 team tournament with two divisions . Division pool play will consist of all teams in one division playing each of the teams in the other division.   Schedule & format may be amended if more teams are registered.

2. All teams will be seeded within their division after 3 games. In the event of a tie in standing, the OBA P7.3 v) & w) tie-breaking formula shall be used.

3. The top team from each division will compete in the Championship. The second seeded team from each division will compete in the bronze medal game and the third seeded team from each division will play in a consolation game. Awards only provided for championship and bronze medal games.

Pool Play:

1. Tie games will be allowed to stand in all division pool play except for finals.

2. Standings will be determined by the number of points earned: 
2 pts win; 1 pts tie & 0 pts loss.

3. In the event of a tie in standings, OBA P7.3 (v) & (w) tie-breaking formula will apply to break the tie.

Link for most recent OBA Rep Rule Updates:

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