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I Want to Coach--How do I Get Started?:

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is available to assist coaches to be the best coach that they can be. When one takes an NCCP clinic, one gains baseball technical abilities as well as leadership and decision-making skills. NCCP training will open doors to new opportunities in coaching and in life.

Visit  to get started on NCCP training beginning with the Initiation On-line module.  There is a fee to take these workshops and modules.

As you complete the workshops your coach profile will be updated with you trained status.  Completing on-line portfolios along with on-field evaluations will graduate you to becoming certified Regionally, Provincially, or to be an instructor.

Coaches Already Certified--How to Maintain Certification:

Policy on Renewal of Certification and Professional Development

As of December 19th, 2013 the Transfer of Qualifications has been updated to include all coaches with Level 2 technical will receive credits for the specific clinics for all disciplines within Instructor Beginner (i.e. hitting, infielding, outfielding, baserunning, pitching & catching).    

All coaches with Level 2 certified will get Instructor Beginner Certified status for all disciplines (i.e. hitting, infielding, outfielding, baserunning, pitching & catching).

                                                 Implementation date: January 1, 2013

Baseball Canada recognizes the importance for certified coaches across Canada to be involved in professional development that reinforces the values of continuous improvement and lifelong learning and encourages the sharing of learning among coaches.

Policy Statement

Professional development is required for coaches to renew "Certified" status in any context.

Professional development requirements must be completed by the end of the period for which the certification is valid.

Coaches are required to obtain a minimum number of Professional Development credits, dependent upon the context in which they are certified.

Context (includes any gradation) 3 year


6 points

Regional/Provincial Coach
Instruction-Advanced Performers

12 points
Competition--Development 18 points


Professional Development credit is available in all of the following activity categories, within the limits described:

Activity Category Points Limitations


Baseball Specific:

Active coaching

1 point/year for every season coached

1 point/year for Learning Facilitator or Evaluator activity

To a maximum of 3 points for certification renewal period.
NCCP activity 5 points/training modules or evaluation event No maximum or minimum
Non-NCCP activity 1 point/hour for activity up to 3 points maximum No maximum or minimum
Coach self-directed activity 3 points for the valid certification period Maximum of 3 points for certification renewal period
Re-evaluation in context 100% of the points required for PD credit in the context No other PD is required if coach chooses re-evaluation



NCCP activity 5 points/training module or evaluation event No maximum or minimum
Non-NCCP activity 1 point/hour of activity up to 3 points maximum To a maximum of 50% of required PD credit for the context in a certification renewal period


Baseball Canada and CAC will maintain a PD Registry that includes all events that are eligible for Professional Development credit including:

 1.   Multi-sport and baseball-specific core NCCP events

 2.   Multi-sport and baseball-specific NCCP events specifically designed as PD

 3.   Baseball-specific non-NCCP activities (eg. Baseball Québec Coaches Convention, Baseball Ontario Best Ever Clinic, Baseball BC     Annual Coaches Clinic, Baseball Canada Super Clinic, Blue Jays Clinic, American Baseball Coaches Association Annual Clinic, Be     the Best You Are Coaches Clinic (Cherry Hill) and other approvedcoaches clinics in Canada or elsewhere). Events that are not     listed on the approved PD list for which coaches wish to attend for PD purposes must first be approved by Baseball Canada as     PD-eligible events. Contact Baseball Canada ([email protected]) to inquire about an event’s PD eligibility.

 4.   Non-NCCP activities for all sports.

 - A coach will have the full period of their valid certification to accumulate the total required professional development credits.

- January 1st of any year will be the date used to determine the certification period of valid certification.

- Only those professional development credits entered in a coach’s record on the Baseball Canada NCCP Database will be used to determine whether the coach meets the context-specific requirements within the current certification period of valid certification.

-Baseball Canada will determine whether to authorize a PSO to enter PD credit on the Database for completed baseball specific non NCCP events.

- Certified (Renewed) status will be given only to those coaches who accumulate the required professional development credits within the current certification renewal period.

- Failure to accumulate the required professional development credits within the specified time causes the coach’s status to be changed to Certified (Not-Renewed).

- A coach who does not complete the required Professional Development credits after the end date of the period for renewal of certification will be required to complete context-specific Certification Renewal event as specified by Baseball Canada and consistent with the minimum criteria for this event.


NCCP activity: any approved NCCP activity including:

         Coach training: sport-specific or multi-sport for core or any gradation

         Multi-sport professional development module

         Sport-specific professional development module

      Coach Evaluation

      Learning Facilitator, Advanced Learning Facilitator, Master Learning Facilitator,

         Evaluator or Master Evaluator training


Non-NCCP activity: any non-formal or informal learning activity or self-directed activity that is recognized as professional development by Baseball Canada.


Formal learning: takes place within a structured education system that has standardized curricula and requires a coach to demonstrate a predetermined level of competency before achieving certification.


Non-formal learning is any organized educational activity outside of the NCCP that provides learning opportunities for coaches. Examples include coaching conferences, seminars, apprenticeship programs, workshops, and clinics.


Informal learning is the lifelong process of acquiring knowledge, skills, attitudes, and insights through daily experiences and exposure to coaching and sport. Informal learning happens in a wide variety of settings including, previous experience as an athlete, informal mentoring, day-to-day coaching experiences, and interaction with peer coaches and athletes.


Self-directed learning occurs when the coach reflects upon their technical, practical, and critical coaching issues and determines how to overcome practical coaching dilemmas. Self-directed learning makes use of a wide variety of materials, including coaching and sports science manuals, books, journal articles, videos, and Internet sources, etc., that were created for the purpose of enabling learning.


Season of coaching is the normal coaching period for a context in a sport. It could be a partial year or a full year.



Robert becomes provincial coach certified on June 1st 2013. Therefore, his certification expiry date is December 31st 2016. During these 3 years, Robert has to accumulate 12 points of professional development.

In May of 2014, Robert took the Instructor beginner Hitting workshop (5 points – Baseball Specific NCCP related) as well as being trained to become a facilitator (5 points – Baseball Specific NCCP related).

In January 2015, Robert attends the Best Ever Clinic in Toronto where he sits down at the various workshops for a weekend. (3 points – Baseball Specific Non NCCP related).

His certification would then be renewed for 3 more years and will then expire on December 31st 2019.



Kelsey becomes development coach certified on September 1st 2013. Therefore, his certification expiry date is December 31st 2016. During these 3 years, Kelsey has to accumulate 18 points of professional development.

Kelsey is invited to participate at the Mizuno Camp in Toronto in October 2014 where he will be active participant (3 points – Baseball Specific Non NCCP).

Kelsey is also an active coach and has been active each year of his certification period of valid certification. (1 point per year = 3 points – Baseball Specific - Active coaching)

Kelsey also decided to attend the Blue Jays National Clinic in January 2015 (3 points – Baseball Specific – Non - NCCP related).

Kelsey has attended the ABCA Coaches convention each year during this period (3 points x 3 = 9 points – Non-NCCP Baseball Specific activity)

His certification would then be renewed for 3 more years and will then expire on December 31st 2019.


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