Umpire Development (Clinton Minor Baseball)

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Interested in Umpiring Local Baseball?

If you are interested in umpiring youth baseball contact Chris Taylor, Clinton's Umpire supervisor.

Visit to set up a profile and register for a training clinic.

Youth umpires may only umpire age divisions younger than they are themselves. 
example:  12 and 13 year olds would umpire rookie and mosquito divisions

Umpire Development Clinic Fees:

Level 1: $25

Level 2: $45

Level 3: $50

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Need Some Umpiring Advice?  Have an Umpiring Question?

All local umpires & coaches are encouraged to contact WOBA's Umpire in Chief, Allyn Ward,  for your umpiring question or concerns.

Reporting An Ejection Of Player Or Coach:

In the event a coach or player is ejected from a game, the umpire is required to complete an 'Umpire's Ejection Form 'within 48 hours of the infraction.

WOBA Umpire Ejection Form-LINK

Please see WOBA Rule Book Appendix 2, Discipline Policy for the guidelines for discipline of Minor Infractions such as foul language or un-sportsmanlike conduct.


Contact the WOBA Secretary and send copy of report within 48 hours of the infraction.  

Reporting General Incident:

In the event a coach, player or spectator behaves inappropriately anywhere in the park during a game, it is a responsibility to complete the general incident report form. This includes use of liquor, profanity, physical or verbal abuse, fighting, and deliberate attempt to injure and for all requests of police or security.  Any person may report a general incident to the WOBA.

WOBA General Incident Report Form-LINK

Within 48 hours of an incident contact the regional WOBA VP and Secretary with details. Complete an 'Incident Form' and submit to the WOBA Secretary.  A committee will determine, based on the completed incident report, whether it merits review and or discipline.

When in doubt with any infraction contact the WOBA Umpire in Chief or WOBA VP.

Baseball Ontario Umpire Certification Level System

What's it all about?

Many questions arise as to how an umpire goes about obtaining a certain level of certification. The chart below outlines the requirements to obtain and to maintain umpire certification in Ontario.







Maintaining Status



Attend a Level 1 Clinic


All levels of House League and up to and including Peewee Rep


Attend Clinic Yearly


Have a Level 1 for a min. of 2 years

Attend a Level 2 Clinic

Obtain 60% or more (Yearly)


Provincial Level Baseball up to and including Midget


Attend Clinic Yearly


Have a Level 2 for a min. of 3 years

Submit a Level 3 Exam yearly and attend a Level 3 Clinic every three years

Obtain 76% or more(Yearly)

All Levels of Provincial Baseball

1 base and 1 plate evaluation recommended

Submit an exam and registration fee yearly. Attend a Clinic every three years.


Have a Level 3 for a min. of 1 year

Attend a Level 4 Clinic by invitation (need to be evaluated first)

Obtain 86% or more

All Levels of Baseball in Canada

Successfully complete 1 base and 1 plate evaluation

Attend Clinic Yearly and complete base and plate evaluation yearly


Have a Level 4 for a min. of 1 year

Attend a Level 4 Clinic by inviation

Obtain 86% or more

All Levels of International Baseball

Successfully complete 1 base and 1 plate evaluation

Attend Clinic Yearly and complete base and plate evaluation yearly